Laser Therapy

Here at Ozark Veterinary Clinic we are staying current with new technologies that help us provide your pets with the best quality of care and therefore the best quality of life. One of the new technologies we offer is laser therapy. This is not to be confused with our surgical laser. Therapy lasers deliver a therapeutic wavelenth of energy that stimulates a photobiochemical cascade of events at the cellular level that relieves pain, reduces inflammation and increases circulation. All of these effects result in accelerated healing.

There are many conditions that benefit from laser therapy. Arthritis, intervertebral disk disease, ear infections, wounds, abscesses, fractures and hot spots to name a few. Virtually any pet that is experiencing pain or inflammation is a candidate for this form of treatment. Therapy is typically performed every other day for a couple of weeks then weekly as needed. We also recommend post surgical and post dental laser therapy.

We were skeptical of the laser at first as many people are, but after much research and consideration, we decided this would be of significant benefit to our patients. We have seen some amazaing results with laser therapy. We would be happy to share some of these success stories with you.

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